The Renaissance of an American Icon

by | Jul 28, 2014

The Renaissance of an American Icon

We would like to share our thoughts with you, reflecting on the writings of Karen Alberg Grossman, in the MRKETPLACE e magazine of July 18th, 2014, as she eyes the future of Hickey Freeman.

She wrote “… familiar but modernized in the finest Italian fabrics, lightest weight canvases and hand-crafted luxury details (hand-turned collars, working buttonholes, horn buttons, etc.). Suit models include updated versions of Hickey’s most popular styles and (our favorite) an updated Heritage model with a softer somewhat sloped shoulder, slightly shorter coat length, less boxy body and an overall young sexy look.” Fabrics from the great mills of the world like Loro Piana create a garment with lasting beauty and the light weight canvases allow the garment to be worn effortlessly and unencumbered by stress points.

The luxury details referenced here add to the overall value and fit. Hand turned collars sit on the neck properly, working buttonholes on the sleeves are a definite custom effect on only the great garments of the world and horn buttons are stronger, will last longer, look better and will resist dry cleaners’ harsh presses. As for the updated silhouettes, they lend themselves to a more modern interpretation of style without sacrificing comfort or fit.

Karen also wrote: “Since buying the company in October 2013, Grano Retail Holdings has invested in much consumer research and marketing (with the help of Toth + Co), but mostly in the product. “We didn’t even ask prices when we shopped the mills,” says Arnold Brant Silverstone, president and chief creative director of Grano Luxury Men’s Apparel Group, which includes Samuelsohn and a pending acquisition that should be announced soon. “We just went for the most beautiful fabrics we could find.””

Grano holdings has a track record of success with clothing manufacturers and their investment in consumer research and marketing will help create a garment that the customer will want to own! Mr. Silverstone’s expertise in fabrics and style coupled with a design team in NYC and Rochester, second to none, will catapult Hickey Freeman back to the high standard its history recorded– back into the closets of Presidents, current rock stars, athletes and the most successful businessmen in the United States.

Omeros Clothes agrees with MRKETPLACE. Hickey Freeman’s dedication to the finest clothing at a price point worth the investment will be upheld in our market. Karen shared: “The Hickey Freeman factory in Rochester has been recently modernized and is known to be highly efficient, while retaining the capacity for handwork. And Arnie Silverstone is a third-generation clothing maven who lives and breathes the suit business; genuinely cares about the 500 jobs (and families) that have been saved in Rochester, NY.”

We here at Omeros also take pride in being one of Hickey Freeman’s largest sellers of their “Hand-Tailored” collection. They painstakingly produce some of the world’s greatest artisan-made garments anywhere. These exquisite garments include tailoring details, like handmade buttonholes finished on both sides, boutonniere tabs, a special lining exclusive to Hickey Freeman and this collection, Tip-horn water buffalo buttons and hand finishing throughout the entire garment. Even the trousers have handmade buttonholes and hand finished waistbands, with an exclusive lining.

Born in 1899, the Hickey Freeman garment has been worn by luminaries from U.S. presidents to the Rat Pack, as the American-made luxury suit brand. Moving into the future and with Grano’s expertise, Hickey Freeman will yet again dress the elite and will be regarded as THE American made Luxury clothing brand. Omeros will continue its dedication to your custom fit, incorporating the Hickey Freeman value.


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