Custom Tuxedo and Formal Dressing: Classic or Modern?

by | May 8, 2018

Custom Tuxedo and Formal Dressing: Classic or Modern?

You choose…

Formal dressing has been done since the dawn of time, evolving with the demands of society’s elite, remaining the epitome of image and reserved for the most intimate of gatherings; Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, benefits for worthy causes, and the like.

Today we’d like to discuss the modern and classic approaches with facts and opinion leaving you with a clearer understanding of your “Formal” image.

Classic Custom Tuxedo

Black “Tuxedo” coat and trousers are one-button front in either a peak lapel or shawl collar tailored with satin or Grosgrain facing. The jacket should have piped (besom) pockets in matching satin or grosgrain and no back vents.

The optional cream dinner jacket with formal black trousers presents a cool spring/summer alternative as well. It can be done in a cream satin facing or the optional self-facing where the lapels and the rest of the jacket are the same cloth.

Trousers either pleated or flat front will carry the matching satin or grosgrain (side stripe).

Trousers should be cut slightly shorter to betray a hint of silk or brightly patterned hosiery.

Pleated or “Bibbed Front” shirt with either Spread or “Wing” collar and French Cuffs. Bow ties with optional matching cummerbunds have long stood the test of the fashion times also!

Looking at Three or Four Stud front matching the cuff links; here you can use your creativity for a unique look or the classic black Onyx.

Formal shoes should traditionally be done in Patent Leather either plain or with a stylish bow. No lace-up, even though you’re seeing more and more of it…

Modern Custom Tuxedo

Today’s litany of fabrics allows a modern approach to formal as we’re seeing formal fabrics done in plaids, paisley, shadow striping and on and on… I personally love these formal looks in modern fabrics as it adds a little daring and creativity on one’s part.

Jackets are done in two and three-button fronts with Notch lapels, flap pockets, and side vents. Not to my liking, however. Satin or grosgrain facings are utilized as well.

Black formal shirts are testing these waters and many modern dressers are sporting long, thin ties. Matching fancy colored shirts look lame but are also find their way into the mix…

Shoes can be exciting and are cool colors in brushed suede and patent leather.

There is so much more to sophisticated formal dressing and custom tuxedos that this brief synopsis could not begin to address and we’d love to share more with you on the matter anytime you’d like.

Here, remember, is one of the founding principles of our motto of…

DRESS Passionately!


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