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Tying It All Together

From socks and ties to cuff links and belts, accessories are where you can add some truly unique style to your outfits. With the right combination of accessories you completely change the look and feel of your favorite suits and shirts.

If you are going to choose custom hand-crafted shoes with your suit, you may want to consider adding a hand-crafted belt to match.

While we recommend choosing several different custom shirts to complement your suit, we also recommend a few options when it comes to coordinating ties. OMEROS® offers a wide variety of beautiful high-quality fabrics for ties, bow-ties and pocket squares from Dolcepunta and Italo Ferretti. Switching out these accessories can also create a new look for your suits, depending on your mood for the day or evening.

If you want to take your suits and accessories to the next level, call OMEROS® for an appointment at 585-392-2939.