Hickey Freeman – 120 Years of Keeping the Quality Up

by | Jan 30, 2020

hickey freeman 120 year celebration

Hickey Freeman – 120 Years of Keeping the Quality Up

If you’ve ever had the good fortune of going through the Hickey Freeman factory here in Rochester, you’d see the sign “Keep the Quality up” displayed throughout. It was the founding father’s way of sending a clear message to all of its employees and one that, to this day, is seen and followed by all of the HF family.

That ideal has stood, proudly on display, for 120 years! Say it again, 120 years.

Fast forward to 2019 and 2020, and we still produce clothing today to those same high standards; those made to a principle, not a profit. Profit comes as a result of high principles.

Changes Over the Years, But Some Things Stay Consistent

Fabrics have evolved to the finest levels of all time. Manufacturing standards continue to raise the bar with a never-ending quest for “The Best” and styles have changed back, forth, and sideways to satisfy the sartorial quest of wearing more than just a suit, sport coat, and trousers.

Hickey Freeman has proudly made custom suits, jackets, trousers and tuxedos for many over those 120 years. Presidents, actors, business leaders, and connoisseurs alike have boosted Hickey Freeman’s garments as the best they’ve ever worn. What other clothing companies have enjoyed that level of success for 120 years? Not many, I can assure you.

OMEROS® & Hickey Freeman in Western NY

My family has had the great fortune of being associated with Hickey since 1954. It was then that Omero, my father, brought Mom and my five older brothers (I was born here) to the U.S.A. to work there. Since then, Mom, big brother and I, and Matt, my son, have come to work in various capacities there. Now, my grandson Ryan proudly displays Hickey Freeman’s custom made mastery on the Fashion Week of Rochester’s runway. That equates to 65 of those 120 years, more than half of its existence has the Piccone’s benefited from the great work of Hickey Freeman. More importantly, are those thousands and thousands of consumers who have benefited from what could be the Zenith of men’s clothing made here in the U.S.A.

The (Unofficial) Mayor of Hickey Freeman

I have dubbed myself as the Mayor of Hickey Freeman because of my love and passion for them. I plan on continuing to preach their accolades until the end of time!!




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