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A Fashion Must

While a nice pair of black shoes is a must, men’s shoe fashion has been gradually allowing for a more aggressive flair. With multi-tone hues, deep polishes, and a myriad of styles, the right shoe can be the catalyst to any outfit.

Shoes from OMEROS®​Custom Ltd. are custom designed and fabricated for you and only you. They truly are a limousine for your feet.

We offer a wide range of high-quality leather and suede options from Scarpe Di Bianco, along with styles that include loafers, captoes, boat shoes, boots, lace-ups, and monk straps. We also offer a wide variety of finishes, from a classic solid tone to the recently popular burnished leather styling. OMEROS® can also craft a custom hand-made belt to match.

When designing your custom suits and shirts, why would you leave your shoes and go with an off-the-shelf selection? Choosing the right custom shoe to complement your suit will take your look to the next level. Call OMEROS® at 585.737.9666 for a fitting appointment.