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The Daily Garment

Second, only to the suit, the shirt will make or break an ensemble. With exclusive brands, fabrics, and designs, OMEROS® is Rochester’s premier provider of custom shirts.

Whether wearing your custom suit or looking for a more unique shirt to wear with jeans for a casual evening out, OMEROS® custom shirts are individually constructed for a truly custom fit. A number of shirt fits are available, whether you are looking for a modern fit, a slim fit, or a classic fit. Once fit is selected, a high-quality fabric (and pattern) is selected. Customized collars and cuffs make your shirt completely unique. You may even choose to add a monogram or personal label and decide whether you would like a pocket or not.

Of course, OMEROS® can also provide a traditional and ever-classic white dress shirt, but choosing a custom hand-crafted shirt will make all the difference when it comes to fit and style. Once you put on your first custom shirt from OMEROS® , you’ll be hooked and ready to order more for every occasion.

Choose from high-quality brands, such as Skip Gambert, Laboratorio del Carmine, and more. Call 585-737-9666 today to schedule a fitting.