Starting Young Lead Toward Early Presidency

by | Jun 8, 2016

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Starting Young Lead Toward Early Presidency

Rochester & Brighton, NY: Matthew W. Piccone has been named President and Chief Operating Officer of OMEROS® Custom, Ltd. He will immediately take over day-to-day operations. His father Walter, will retain roles with his clients and act as Chairman.

With a career in the men’s clothing industry starting as a teenager, Matthew has served men with clothing fashion for the past 18 years. It all began in the stockroom at Hickey Freeman. As a young boy, Matthew had sprung from deep roots in this leading business. His grandfather immigrated to this country from Italy and found his career at Hickey Freeman. Now, both Matthew and his father Walter Piccone uphold Hickey Freeman’s selection of fabric and style as one of their key suppliers, as they custom fit men within our Greater Rochester community. Next stop after the stockroom of Hickey Freeman was six years at Hugo Boss. A nick name of “Combo King” developed because of the way Matthew loved to practice putting clothes and accessories together. Then, an opportunity erupted to join his father in the development of OMEROS® in 2007.

omeros-matthew-piccone1“Matthew has had great successes in pleasing his clients. He has earned this leadership position,” reported proud father Walter. “Matthew demonstrates precision and is exacting. He learned these skills from hard work over the years. Actually, customer feedback promoted him as I heard about Matthew’s work ethic and performance: ‘lives his passion,’ ‘works hard,’ ‘diligent,’ ‘thorough,’ ‘shows consistent integrity,’ ‘lives by principles.’

“The early years of living on sales commissions were a challenge, but after the first three years, one break through sale led to more success. I guess it is true that success breeds success,” joked Matthew. “Actually, my turning point came when I started to take advantage of opportunities to meet well established men as they were out and about in our community. Some prospecting took up to three years before the sale! I learned to jump at opportunities to use my gifts. I may never be the biggest, but I will be the best, doing right by my customer, no matter how hard.” Matthew attributes much of his learning to customers, a pattern maker, a top tailor, and characteristics bred into him. He is the fifth generation of Piccones working within the clothing industry. Customer relationships are the stage where Matthew demonstrates his deep heritage.

Service to our Greater Rochester Community has also been a part of Matthew’s legacy. He has supported local organizations with time, in-kind gifts, and financially – – Center for Youth, Daystar for Medically Fragile Children, The Humane Society of Rochester, Cystic Fibrosis’ Just Breathe Foundation Christmas Ball, Toys for Tots, Beechwood Neighborhood Christmas Store, and an annual book drive for School #52.

Matthew is now a President, age 32. He resides with his wife Shannon and daughter Mia in Brighton. He plans to continue to be a student of contemporary men’s clothing and fit. Also, like most of us, he has to keep up with digital trends as well. Like Matthew says, “Chi dorme non piglia pesce” (He who sleeps does not get the fish – an old Italian proverb.) and Dress Passionately!

About OMEROS® Custom, Ltd.

In Rochester, OMEROS® Custom, Ltd. is an established men’s link to some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of fine men’s clothing, through an unmatched custom fitting and customer service experience, delivered by Walter and Matthew Piccone. Once fabric and style are identified and measurements are taken, they have U.S.A. and Italian suits, jackets, and shirts tailored to exacting standards. Appointments are made at the customer’s location of choice. They wear and live their motto – – Dress Passionately!


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