5 Men’s Fashion Tips

by | Sep 22, 2009

5 Men's Fashion Tips

Many of us recently saw the Presidential address on health care reform and some of us had the privilege of being involved with the “Cooking for a Cure” fundraiser for Prostate Cancer research and awareness.

There were two distinct characteristics in both events; one was men in power conveying their message to an audience and the second was the image they presented themselves in.
The President clad in a dark navy suit, a white shirt with a moderate collar spread and a red “Power” tie projected an image of authority and confidence while capturing the attention of the audience.

At the “Cooking for a Cure” fundraiser most of the men who addressed the audience were also dressed in dark suits with either white or blue shirts and most with “Power” ties. They also conveyed their message with confidence and authority and captured the attention of their respective audience. Unfortunately, there were those who took the dress code of “Business Casual” a little too far and they too were noticed.

If you attended what did your image say about you that night? Polished, understated and elegant or out of place, too flashy and indifferent? I noticed both and so did most in attendance.

Here, I’d like to offer you 5 ways to avoid making the wrong impression while in the public eye:

1) Never under dress; if the event is calling for business casual you can wear open collars or knitwear with suits and jackets while still maintain a “Powerful and sophisticated Look.” If you opt for the suit and tie hookup nobody will say you’re overdressed if they know what it’s all about!

2) Make sure you measure up on fit; Jackets should show a quarter inch or so of cuff. Look at the chest of the jacket and make sure there are no “canolis” or unsightly bulges. It makes you look like you’re wearing the wrong size or someone else’s garment.

3) Shoes should compliment the outfit. Lace-up’s for suits and cool loafers for jacket combos. Remember, sophistication asks for brown tones with navy and gray suits and sport combinations. Most important, they should be shined as it demonstrates attention to details and are noticed by the opposite sex.

4) Stay seasonal; in other words, put away the spring linens and light pastel colors after Labor Day in favor of more fall looks and fabrics. If you don’t you look like you don’t know what you are doing!

5) Demonstrate your individuality by accenting with eclectic pocket squares and fancy hosiery. Even when opting away from the tie, the pocket square adds a little dash and your hosiery while fancy in nature, betray a hint of interest and sexiness.




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