by | Sep 3, 2009

It’s September and time to think about fall. Here, we’d like to share a few ideas that will help you usher in the season with style.

We are seeing more men dressing up and loosing their business casual mentality. We also noticed the stock market starting to make a little comeback. Hmmm…

Although American men are starting to get it by pairing brown shoes and belts with “Power” navy and gray suits, many still prefer to go the classic route of black and cordovan. Stretch yourself, even courtroom attorneys convey an image of knowledge and authority while wearing brown shoes and belts with their suits. Are you?

Pleated trousers are being replaced with flat fronts but you men of substance can still benefit from the flattery of pleats. Sometimes, flat front trousers accentuate size and can create an un-balanced image for bigger men. Ask your professional for a little guidance here.

Suits worn with open collar shirts and knitwear demonstrate power and sophistication in those more relaxed environments and appeal to the opposite sex as successful and handsome. This look too is gaining in popularity and replacing that b.s. casual business attire long thought appropriate in the real world.

Want to add a dash of character? Fancy hosiery, a new approach to unique expression, can get noticed without minimizing the power image. Some are fun, others crazy but mostly offer a new means of expressing your individuality.

On a personal note, OMERO’S is proud to introduce our newest addition, Michael Rung. Over the last 35 years Mike has been helping men in the Cleveland/Akron area look, feel and perform their best by helping create the image conducive to their lifestyle. Now, he brings the expertise to you in the convenience of your home or office. He can be reached at 216-973-2558.


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