Omeros Custom Process for the Established Professional

by | Mar 20, 2016

In our last blog we discussed working with the young professional. This time we will focus our attention to the established professional and new clients buying ways.

OMEROS® Custom Process for the Established Professional

The process with current clients involves reviewing their past purchases to acquaint ourselves with what they currently own, what particular details they demand, fabric preferences and lifestyle trends.

hicky-freeman1We then focus our presentation to details and preferences with fabrics that fit their within comfort zone, updated styling details and items they may be missing and should consider owning; i.e. tuxedos, blazers, seasonal trousers, etc.

After the selection is made and in a few short weeks, the client enjoys all those emotions associated to wearing new custom clothing. Emotions like confidence, success, timeliness, and sophisticated polish custom clothing affords him!

Now, with respect to the established professional who’s working with us for the first time, there are similarities and differences to those aforementioned clients.

Similarities involve providing custom fit, well designed garments suited (pardon the pun) to their lifestyles and comfort zones relative to cloth selection and styling.

The differences and here’s where our experience excels over the rest, is getting past the point where they seem to know everything. The devil’s in the details and that’s where we master with our many years of experience. (almost 40 for your truly and almost 10 for Matt).

Details that involve close analysis of one’s lifestyle, profession and style preferences. Once he realizes that there’s much he doesn’t know and understand about his clothing and image, he starts to place his trust in our abilities. Understanding the empathy we demonstrate in his needs and well being, he let’s down his guard so we can suggest, recommend and advise him on what’s most important relevant to his lifestyle, image and comfort zone.

hickey-freeman3NOW THE MAGIC HAPPENS

We tailor (again, pardon the pun) the presentation with suits, jackets, trousers and shirts, that compliment him, his lifestyle, his personality and preferences. Clothing styles and fabrics that are pretty much exclusive to him (He won’t see the same clothing coming at him when he’s out and about), custom made to accentuate his positive attributes and fit that’s SECOND TO NONE!

At this point and in a few short weeks, he starts to enjoy all those emotions associated to a custom wardrobe crafted just for him. Emotions like confidence, success, timeliness and a unique sophisticated polish that sets him apart.

He now know and understands how to…

DRESS Passionately!

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