The Custom Process for Young Professionals

by | Mar 11, 2016

custom-processWorking closely with both our younger consumers and established clients, Matt and I discover there are similarities and differences with each that I’d like to draw your attention towards. In this Blog, I will focus on the custom process for young professionals.

There’s a common denominator with both sectors and that is price. With the over-abundance of discount clothing retailers out there, the value of a custom-made garment has to be demonstrated with every presentation, regardless of one’s financial wherewithal.

Another shared interest is in the images created and the advantages of looking and feeling your best.

Allow me to escort our young, up and coming client into the world of custom-made clothing…

You, the younger client, find yourself earning a comfortable living and wanting to upgrade your image to one of a more polished and sophisticated look. We, the image makers, understand and present a complete package of clothing suitable (pardon the pun) for both your daytime professional look and one for your evenings out on the town.

Envision you engaging Matt and I. Our expertise has always been honed to your best interest and our success is directly correlated to yours so…

First, we analyze your lifestyle with a multitude of questions designed to understand who you are and where you’re going. Next, we take meticulous measurements, paying attention to physique, stature, shoulder slope, chest and body particulars. You have often bought off the rack with disappointing results. You are in better shape than off-the-rack manufactured clothing can produce, experiencing a chest and shoulders fit, while the body and trousers are enormous. With what we learned in our questioning and our understanding of today’s modern fitted clothing, we’re able to properly fit you with the trimmer more flattering garment, best suited to you. The key is the questions we ask and our fitting ability!

custom-process2The next critical aspect of our expertise is FABRIC SELECTION. Again, with the understanding that we’ve gained from our questioning, we can suggest various fabrics that fit into your comfort zone– factors like fabric quality, blends, weaves and durability. Many of these fabrics do double duty, working in the daytime’s lifestyle and in the evening, where looking polished and sophisticated add to your nighttime intrigue! Once we’ve accomplished that, we turn our focus to the accessories: shirts, ties, pocket squares, shoes, belts and hosiery. We’re strong advocates in that the devil is in the details and one can’t do it with just the suit. There has to be a synergy with all aspects of one’s image.

Now, with the young professional given the basics in the value of custom-made, does the added investment required make more sense? The resulting longevity of the garment and especially how you look and feel over a longer time period is earned through custom clothing.

Stay tuned as our next blog will address the more seasoned professional’s needs and wants as we strive to have you…


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