Menswear Fall Fabrics

by | Oct 14, 2013

Menswear Fall Fabrics

As the evolution of seasons turn colors to bright shades of yellow, red, brown and gold, so too the evolution of fabrics keep pushing the boundary of fineness. Italian manufacturers are challenging the yarns of today, for refined budgets. Does this investment fit your dressed statement?

The Italians are now producing, in very limited quantities, 12 micron Australian wool yarns to be made into the finest of custom-made suits and jackets. Twelve Microns!! When considering that some of the finest cashmere yarns are 13.5 to 15 microns and only vicuna can compare at 12 microns, you’ll appreciate its rareness along with its fineness! A human hair is about 60 microns to give you some scale.

A custom made Vicuna jacket could set you back in excess of $20,000.00 a custom made suit in 12 micron wool would take an investment of over $13,000.00. That’s where you would start and depending on the designer, the price only goes up from there. We’re not saying our custom-made suits and jackets would require that kind of investment; quite the contrary. However, you can expect to view those fabrics at our trunk show.

Are they planning on selling thousands of these rare custom made gems? Of course not. For the connoisseur of the ultimate garment, this is a wardrobe requirement. Cashmere, Vicuna, Pashmina and 12 micron Australian wool are the most exotic of fabrics for your wardrobe considerations.

Come see the finest OMERO’S Clothes offers, such as custom made Hickey Freeman suits and jackets, catching attention everywhere and made right here in our backyard. We’re featuring those and other world-renowned designers at our “Trunk Show,” at Tony D’s on Thursday Oct. 24th, 2013. Go to our Facebook page or visit our site to register; or simply call us. You will find these aforementioned fabrics ready to be custom made to your exact standards and preferences. Meanwhile…



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