Switching Up A Shirt

by | Aug 6, 2013

Switch Up ShirtAs we, here at OMERO’S, continue to develop a sense of style for our clients, we’ve had great feedback and results with “Switching It Up” as it pertains to custom dress shirts and/or suit design.

Here we have taken a classic hairline stripe cotton shirt cloth and inserted a contrasting inner collar, front placket and inner cuff. When you wear it open you demonstrate a sense of style uniquely yours and show how contrasting certain elements of the shirt can have a dramatic effect. Sure, others also do it, but not with the fashion sense we’re proud to call our own!

We also switch up suits and jackets with contrasting buttonhole thread on the lapel and sleeves and add a dimension of intrigue with our exclusive fancy linings.

“Switching It Up” isn’t just a label, but rather a sense of sophistication you, the consumer, adds to your wardrobe and image that’s unique, exclusive in the contrasting of fabrics and colors — very modern.

Come see us at the Buffalo Cigar Dave’s show on August 17th and bring a business card for a chance at winning a “Custom Made” OMERO’S switch up shirt. You’ll love it and meeting Matt and I too!


Walter Piccone

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