OMERO’S Passion Spring 2010

by | Feb 23, 2010

OMERO’S Passion Spring 2010 Dress Passionately

The Functional sleeves buttonholes; or are they??

You may have seen them on fine suits and jackets and on men who demand the best! Their functional sleeve buttonholes but what function do they serve? They don’t improve fit, fabric drape or any other critical factor on the garment, they carry a hefty premium (usually $100.00 to $200.00) due to the added construction required and they have to be EXACT!!

Again, what function?

Their origin stems from “Bespoke” English dressing where a gentleman would never remove his jacket. When he washed his hands, he simply unbuttoned and rolled up his sleeves and proceeded while maintaining proper etiquette.

Referred to as “Surgeon” sleeves in American lore and for the same gentlemanly reason as above, the Doctor, never removing his jacket, would roll up his un-buttoned jacket sleeves, scrub down and operate…

That was then and being that times are different now, again I ask…


The function is PASSION!!

Clothing is not logical – it’s emotional…

No one would argue that when you look good, you perform better and that excellence is achieved in the details, right? This subtle detail, the functional sleeve buttonholes, usually worn with 1 or 2 buttons un-buttoned, separates the good from the great and is associated with only the finest Custom made clothing!

They give you an added edge of confidence and swagger and are worth the added investment.

On a personal note, my mother Adelma sewed by hand, buttonholes for Hickey Freeman from 1959 until, along with my father OMERO; they retired from there in 1979.

Today, only a very few of the better manufacturers around the world sew their buttonholes by hand, an art only the select few can actually perform…

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