Omeros Passion Fall 2010

by | Oct 6, 2010

With fall finally here and the leaves turning, we’d like to share some thoughts for your wardrobe and ask:

What is the weakest link in men’s wardrobe?

It certainly has to be shoes! Even in casual wear a great pair of shoes speaks volumes about you and your image. The opposite is also true that a bad pair will have an adverse effect.
Here are some tips that may help you.

What Shoes Do I Wear with Suits?

An updated, elegant laced-up Oxford and some dressier Monk straps are fabulous with suits. They should definitely be in some cool shades of Brown/Tan (not black) especially with those “Power” Navy and Charcoal suits. Suede Bluchers are becoming more popular now and pair nicely with suits

What Shoes Do I wear with Sport Coats?

Hip Loafers and Monk straps are easy, comfortable and match the relaxed attitude of fall jackets and trousers. You’ll also find exotics working well here too. Crocodile and Alligators albeit rare, add a certain element of sophistication and style while being very durable. A good pair of Crocs could easily last 20 years with proper care.

Some of us more seasoned (or older) remember the “Desert Boots” from back in the day and how cool they were with corduroys. Well, a few designers are bringing them back too. We’ve always maintained that fashion is cyclical.

In closing, then, it need not be said that your shoes should always be clean, polished and matched to your belt as closely as possible.

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