Step-by-Step to Your Spring Wardrobe

by | Apr 17, 2014

Step-by-Step to Your Spring Wardrobe

Familiarity with a customer’s body type, lifestyle, preferences, and current wardrobe help us select fabrics and styles to present. The weather is also an important consideration. In our area we are planning for warmer temperatures; additionally, we need to know if our customer has plans for travel into cooler climates. Finally, we identify the need for office, sporty, or a look that transcends the hours of the day. With a long-time customer, this selection process can be accomplished in minutes.

With a new client, the process of gathering the aforementioned information takes time. We arrange to meet the customer at the location of their choice. At our face-to-face meeting, we will bring along fabrics to review together. Taking measurements will also be a part of our time together. A planned visit to tour their closet may also be involved.

In a few short weeks, usually four to six, fine stylish clothing arrives that will fit well, look timely, and can be pressed into active wear immediately. This is a service for those who appreciate quality, investments and especially their time.

Begin the long-term relationship and wardrobe selection and fitting process with a call to 585-392-2939. Let’s get excited for spring and those fabulous new clothes, remembering to always…


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