The Guardian Pocket

by | Mar 1, 2017

the guardian pocket

As technology continues to evolve, I get excited when I modify my “old-school” methodology and utilize the “new” to make my life easier and better.

We are now easily capable of running our businesses and private lives from our cell phones. We can pay bills and manage all of our banking, communicate with anyone in the world, get our news… even our most private information is accessible with a mere few presses on the keypad.

Hickey Freeman Guardian PocketThe problem becomes that with all this power at our fingertips, the “CROOKS” are becoming more adept at Cyber-pickpocketing that information without you knowing until it’s too late.

They could be standing close to you at the airport, for instance, looking like they’re texting, all the while gathering all your personal information like SS #, account #, banking information, etc. With the info you have connected to your cell phone, they can steal your identity causing you years of anguish and BIG money getting it back to the way it was. It’s called “Cloning your phone”.

You may be wondering to yourself: why is OMEROS® suddenly so concerned with cyber security?  That’s because we’re excited about an ingenious creation from Hickey Freeman this spring called the “GUARDIAN POCKET.” Now your custom-made suit and custom jackets can be manufactured with this special pocket, which makes cyber-intrusion impossible. You can put your cell phone and credit cards in that pocket and via its special material, it prevents those “CROOKS” from accessing your information.

Matt and I would be happy to help you secure your world just a little, with this special detail from Hickey Freeman’s new spring 2017 collection, now available, Custom Made, exclusively from OMEROS® Custom, Ltd.

We have always saluted Hickey Freeman for their American craftsmanship and American pride but now we add American ingenuity to their legacy which now is helping to protect us and helps us all to…


DRESS Passionately!


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