Mohair: The Most Misunderstood Natural Fiber

by | Feb 2, 2017

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mohair-woolIn many of the new spring 2017 clothing collections we’re going to see an assortment of fabrics blended with Mohair and not many are too familiar with it. Here, I’d like to share with you some interesting and valuable knowledge that should change your perspective on this wonderful fiber.

Sheared from the Angora goat, the yarns are long, white, lustrous, course and curly. The best breeders are in South Africa, Turkey, New Zealand, and Australia and yes, right here in the U.S. With the combination of climate, soil, diet and selective breeding, these countries have been able to raise this goat to produce the best yarns.

In Italy where the best Mohair yarns are blended and woven into cloth sought the world over, the top mills award a trophy to those breeders with the finest yields of both Mohair and “Kid” Mohair.

Being that its natural course characteristics would make it uncomfortable to wear and expensive to own, Mohair is usually woven with Wool, Cashmere and/or silk to make the “Hand” or feeling much softer and more luxurious. Its luster and durability make it desirable and its natural wrinkle resistance (due to the yarn’s curly nature) lends itself to travelers who seek a garment that can handle the rigors of that lifestyle. Even “Kid” Mohair, softer, sheared from a much younger animal and more expensive due to its rare nature, is blended to other natural fibers for the same aforementioned qualities.

Historically, Mohair blended with fine wool yarns have produced formal wear that has a sexy, subtle sheen and a crisp, clean look that stays that way for the entire evening. Mohair also has a Hollywood connection that’s been glamourized by the likes of most the James Bond characters, from Pierce Brosnan to Roger Moore and others that wanted that refined, tailored look.

Another unappreciated benefit only your tailor understands is that Mohair takes to the needle and thread as well as any other natural fiber, producing garments that drape beautifully and show no signs of tailoring stress.

In contemporary blends, Mohair’s unique characteristics complement those of the fibers it’s blended with; i.e. fine Australian wool, Mongolian Cashmere and Chinese silk. It adds a subtle luster and with the ability to take the dyes, the colors produced are bright and more vibrant.

Look for fabrics blended with Mohair this spring for something new that surely will help you to…

DRESS Passionately!


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