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The Ultimate Treasure for Dressing PASSIONATELY

A fabric mill in Biella, Italy called Carlo Barbera, is the writer’s “all-time” favorite fabric mill. Matt and I had the privilege of visiting what I consider to be the “Holy Grail” of mills back in 2005 and met the founding father himself, Carlo Barbera. He was 92 at that time and still actively working. Their underground secret was discovered by Kiton, which breathed new life into the Carlo Barbera mill. For 2015, Hickey Freeman is making their own Carlo Barbera statement.


Unquestionably the weavers of some of the finest fabrics on Earth, Carlo Barbera stores their yarns, after dying, in underground caverns for six (6) months to de-stress and re-humidify them. In the end, this earthly process makes for softer fabrics that tailor better into finished garments. The caverns are four (4) stories under-ground, where the air, thanks to underground streams, is cooler and more humid. They are the only mill I’m aware of using this process. We also visited those underground caverns while we were there…

carlos-barbera2Quality as we all know has its premium and fine fabrics are no exception. The cloth woven by Carlo Barbera averages 41 Euros per meter ($48.75/yard) which is about double what their nearest competitors charge. As with many within the apparel industry, they too had fallen on hard times, accumulating high debt that almost bankrupted them; however, in 2010 their “white knight” Kiton bought them and has kept them alive and well ever since. Kiton is recognized as being one of the finest producers of clothing and sportswear worldwide and it has proven to be a marriage made in heaven! Not only is Carlo Barbera now producing extensively for Kiton, but it has also opened up its production to other world-class clothing and sportswear designers.

I’m ecstatic to announce that Hickey Freeman has taken a major position with Carlo Barbera for fall 2015 and has dedicated a section of their line (Portraits) to this amazing mill.

Seasoned expertise was discovered in a mill artisan’s 9 decades of life, by Kiton. This fall, the Hickey Freeman collection escorts that discovery to Western NY, and OMERO’S Clothes has the pleasure of delivering this wardrobe experience to you. Matt and Wally of OMEROS® Clothes will be proud to present these epic fabrics to you at a time and place of your choosing. Carlo Barbera, Hickey Freeman and OMEROS® Clothes will surely help you to…



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