The Emotions of Dressing

by | Nov 11, 2015

The Emotions of Dressing

I was with a client yesterday who recanted a story about how he felt wearing his new outfit recently. The relevance here is that he’s a very successful doctor who travels extensively, but is not all that fluent in the art of dressing and is becoming so, fast.

He was telling us about this recent trip to Palm Beach, Florida for a meeting with some “heavyweights” at this exclusive country club. As he approached the metal detector at the airport here, a security guard commented on how dapper he looked and passed him through the screening process quickly. This took him slightly by surprise but he certainly felt good about it!

As he walked into the dining room where his meeting was being held, the maitre d’ complimented him on his elegant suit and escorted him to the table where he was meeting his contingent. He mentioned how great his tie looked with the outfit, which brought a huge grin to his face and confidence to his demeanor. Imagine how he’s feeling and what’s going through his head now!

The attendees of the meeting also noticed his image and one of the women commented that her husband should dress like that. His confidence grew with every compliment, and needless to say, the meeting was a huge success. He said he felt confident and conducted himself with the professionalism that was rooted in his elegant image.

The point, which we can all relate to, is that when you look good, you feel good, and those feelings come out. We’ve all looked into the mirror when we were dressed properly for whatever occasion and knew it! We look at ourselves and think “wow, that’s not bad at all”! We then proceed to flaunt it in an ever-so-subtle way that gets noticed.

The emotions of looking good cannot be measured, but the results of your endeavors can be when you look good. You can certainly judge for yourself how good you look and feel in the right outfit, and those around you notice that little edge. Do you want to get noticed for the right reasons and the accompanying results?

It’s critical for each and every one of us to perform at a higher level than ever before and the right image is just the beginning…



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