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Men's Cashmere Suit

Ever feel Cashmere? I mean really feel Cashmere?

Soft and luxurious with an almost “Immoral” hand about it. Warm and supple, it has become the most noble of fibres, sought out by those who appreciate life’s rare gems.

Named from the Kashmir region of India, today most of the worlds Cashmere comes from the high plateaus of China, Mongolia and Tibet. It’s a strong light weight yarn obtained from the Cashmere goats underlying hairs below it’s neck and upper chest. The part most shielded from the elements that result in very long and fine (usually 15 microns in diameter and finer) yarns with a high insulating factor.

The hair is sheared and the animal grease and course hairs are processed out leaving very long and extremely soft yarns that are woven into cloth used in the manufacturing of clothing and accessories like scarves, ties and hosiery.

Enough about it’s characteristics, you can contact us if you require more technical information.

Men’s Cashmere can be found being worn to a cocktail party over some cool knitwear, corduroy or denim trousers and suede shoes.

With the beautiful colors that it dyes into we can orchestrate wonderful fall outfits in natural tones…

Let’s not forget that it can easily become an influential business outfit as well.
Here, pair a beautiful flat front wool flannel trouser (Charcoal gray being the most versatile color) and a fabulous knit tie for a little more drama, emphasizing the power look intended. Wow!

Today, Men’s Cashmere can be found in the better manufacturers stable of fabrics world wide but not without it’s premium. Usually, a Cashmere jacket would cost around the same price of that particular manufacturers upper end suits.

Dress Passionately!


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