OMERO’S Passion Spring 2011

by | Apr 6, 2011

OMERO’S Passion Spring 2011

Enough with the snow and cold already, I’m ready for some spring! Who’s with me? Our take on this springs fashions and image looks at the age old adage:

Menswear: FORM vs. FUNCTION


A well executed garment, light weight and comfortable. Luxurious fabrics that are almost weightless, blended with Cashmere, Linen, Silk and cotton. Creative designs for a modern approach, featuring neat checks and some very cool stripes. Flawless silhouettes that is trimmer, skinnier and composed to flatter you. Look for this form in everything from suits and jackets to sportswear and shirts.


Walking into a room and “feeling” the eyes all over you. Your hearts racing, you’re a little anxious BUT you know you look good, you’re ready for what’s next and you TAKE CHARGE! Could be in the boardroom, courtroom, operating room or bedroom, doesn’t make any difference what room, the difference is YOU and how you look and feel. Amplify those emotions 10-fold for those only now, taking their first step to the next level of sophistication and personal performance. We’d like to look at it almost like Logic vs. Emotions. We decide emotionally and justify logically.

We live EMOTIONALLY and hence our motto… DRESS PASSIONATELY!


Walter Piccone

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