OMERO’S Passion Spring 2013

by | Jul 31, 2013

OMERO’S Passion Spring 2013

Omeros Passion Spring 2013

Silk: With its Chinese origins many centuries ago, silk has become the fabric of choice for both royalty and the affluent alike. With its natural luster and fineness (about 10 microns) silk’s appeal has been long enjoyed in both hot climates and for its insulated characteristics, cooler ones as well.

It dyes beautifully and blends well with other fibers like wool, cotton and linen, creating unique looks associated with its natural sheen and incredible tailoring capabilities. Silk does possess a slight wrinkling tendency that is one of a sophisticated nature and not a sloppy one.

For spring, you’ll find silk blended with across-the-board with the aforementioned fabrics, in suits, jackets and trousers and for a real luxurious approach look for it blended with cashmere.

The softness of cashmere coupled with the luster and strength of silk (silk yarns are stronger than those of steel) create garments of lasting luxury with year round comfort and sexiness.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about silk and allow us the privilege of showing you our entire collection of silk and silk blends that will promise to impress and in the meantime…



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