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There’s an interesting and fabulous fabric for spring from Hickey Freeman called “Traveler.” It’s a cloth that is wrinkle resistant (hence the “Traveler” moniker) and spill resistant. It repels liquids that could possibly be spilled on it and will repel rain if you should be caught in it.

The wrinkle resistance characteristics of this cloth are created when the mills take those Australian Merino yarns and super twist them together. This makes the finished fabric resistant to creasing and also allows it to hang out and retain its original shape. This is perfect for those who travel and would like to minimize the number of suits, jackets and trousers they’ll need for their trip.

In addition to the yarns with a super twist, “Traveler” is an all-natural Australian Merino wool cloth with a special weave. This weave, keeps water or other liquids from being absorbed into the yarns, whereby you can simply wipe it off and there won’t be any resulting stain. Think of a rose petal or even a fresh waxing on a car; water just beads up and runs off. This is the same principle that goes into the “Traveler” cloth.

Imagine you’re sitting in a restaurant, having dinner in an important business meeting and the waiter inadvertently spills a glass of red wine on your “Traveler” suit. When normally one would panic, you can simply wipe it off or go into the boy’s room and rinse it off with water from the sink and not a remote spot remains! That’s pretty impressive. All you out there who have the problem of getting stain on your clothes (and you know who you are) will rejoice with this new cloth. Notice how water and for that fact, any other liquid, beads up on the cloth on a video we made for our Facebook fans.

Okay, enough with the practicality of the Hickey Freeman Traveler cloth. Here’s where we put our passionate slant to it: The fabric styles are incredible! Soft new blues and greys woven into magnificent plaids, subtle windowpanes and stripes in suits, sport coats and trousers will certainly tempt your style.

travelerHickey Freeman’s “Traveler” will transform your use of your wardrobe pieces. With resistance to wrinkles and spills, this fabric is ready to go where you are headed. The added plus is the visual of the fabric colors and patterns grabbing attention everywhere.

Style and fashion meet functionality; here’s a perfect example of our motto…



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