Menswear Summer Must Haves 2015

by | Apr 23, 2015

summer-2015aHere’s the story of one of menswear summer must-have items in any man’s wardrobe, the “White” shirt. As versatile as any item in your closet, the white shirt dresses up with a tie for daytime office wear and relaxes after hours, when the tie comes off.

As the old adage goes, “white’s always right” and it’s very true. You can dress up the white shirt with any color suit or sport coat and trouser combination, so long as the tie matches up too. You see white shirts all day long in the boardroom of America’s most successful companies, usually matched to navy and grey suits, but you’ll also notice white shirts with brown, olive and tan suits and sport coats. It demonstrates a power image that also speaks of respect for those around you.
Many men have an assortment of white shirts for the “power” image of daytime cooperate America but not as many know how to transform that into an easy looking evening piece. This after-hours look doubles as a very cool sport look. As with the suits mentioned above, the white shirt also hooks up nicely with every color of sport trouser and all the different washes of denim. Paired with jeans or khakis, the white shirt demonstrates a classy look even with the sleeves rolled up. When wearing the white shirt in a relaxed evening approach and under a great sport coat, consider what we’ll be showing and that is a scarf. For spring, the scarf will be made of silk and very colorful; and next fall; they will be made of cashmere and cashmere blends. The scarf can replace neckwear in evening dressing with a dash of sophistication and class.


Now, regarding fabrics for the white shirt, cotton has to be considered as the mainstay staple; however, you’ll see many for spring and summer made of pure linen. Linen is fabric considered as the lightest and most comfortable of spring/summer fabrics. Perfect! Many are solid, but you’ll see a white shirt woven in self-patterns, also known as white-on-white. Herringbones, checks and stripes are done white on white. Not the favorite look of the writer, but one that’s appreciated by many as indicated by the overall sales of the white shirt and my partner Matt’s preference! Remember, and this is important: the linen shirt wrinkles as soon as you look at it, but it’s a wrinkle associated with a sophisticated look and not that of a sloppy nature. This is crucial, to be mindful when choosing to wear linen!

summer-2015bLast and far from least, because of its color, white shirts reflect all of the sun’s ultra-violet rays, leaving the wearer feeling cool and comfortable, even in the most sunny and hot days of the summer season.

Whether dressing for corporate success or carrying your image into the evening social scene, “white is right.” Suits, sport coats, trousers and accessories all provide flexible combinations for the white shirt. Choose it in cotton or linen, per your personal preference and comfort. Dare to add the scarf, spring or fall. The “white” shirt – a summer must have and another justification of our motto to…

DRESS Passionately


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