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Last month, we wrote of today’s “skinny” clothing, its attributes and drawbacks. Now, we would like to draw your attention to the modern fabrics for skinny clothing that make them soft, comfortable and easy to wear.

Elastane, also known as Lycra, represents an evolution in man-made fibers, when woven into wool and cotton, produces a stretch characteristic that helps make “skinny” clothing easier to wear.

Elastane has both greater tear resistance and durability than both wool or cotton and about one-third the weight. Today, it is used in all areas of clothing, from suits and jackets to trousers, shirts and sportswear, just to name a few. When Elastane is stretched, it always reverts back to its original shape and size.

This yarn is processed in two different ways: One way is to wrap the Elastane yarn with those of the wool or cotton being used, resulting in a cloth with the look and feel of the wool or cotton and the stretch characteristics of the Elastane. The other method is to weave the Elastane yarns with those of the wool or cotton.

Elastane can stretch from four (4) to seven (7) times its length, reverting back to its original length when the tension is relaxed. It is also easy to care for, usually adopting the same care instructions as the wool or cotton it’s woven with.

The only drawback we here at OMERO’S see is that it is a synthetic fiber that we would seldom endorse. With only 2 to 4% of this synthetic fiber woven into the clothing and sportswear yarns being used today, we make an exception for the added benefit of comfort and fit.

Now with all this information on the cloths being used to make “Skinny” clothing soft, comfortable, and easy to wear, you can see why this is another reason we use to…



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