Black Tie Formal and Other Modern Sartorial Mistakes

by | Feb 9, 2015

Black Tie Formal and Other Modern Sartorial Mistakes

I would like to share with you some of the things about modern dressing that really bug me! Excuse my choice of words, but it demonstrates my passion about this topic!

As an avid football fan, the show ESPN Countdown is a must view. I love the insights and feel that the commentators know their material exceptionally well. What some of them don’t really know well is the right dressing for the public eye. The men wear sartorial elegant clothing (sometimes; other times they look like they shop at Beansie’s Bargain Basement) and make the ultimate blunder of wearing casual sneakers with their outfits. What could they possibly be thinking? Sneakers with suits are more comfortable and I don’t care what people think? The color of my Sneakers matches the color of my suit? C’MON MAN! Leave the sneakers for the gym and don’t insult the intelligence of the public by thinking that sneakers in their eye, with suits, could ever be right or demonstrate the proper respect for that audience. It certainly does not.

Pay attention to these guys and notice what I’m talking about. They should have advisors telling them the proper code of television elegance. Either they don’t, choose not to listen, flat out don’t care or have the wrong advisors. What could they possibly be thinking? A beautiful pair of lace-up contemporary wing tips would be infinitely better than sneakers. These men do demonstrate, most of the time, the proper sartorial decorum for TV appearances. I just don’t get it. Apparently, they don’t either!

Unfortunately, this mess is not limited to great sportscasters. Watching the Golden Globes recently I noticed sneakers with Tuxedos. It’s bad enough that most of these men are “upper crest” and men of means, but to wear sneakers with tuxedos is ridiculous! I’ve have had the good fortune of being in the men’s clothing industry for over 38 years and can recognize style trends well in advance of the general public, but this one I’ll never get.

It’s bad enough that the tuxedos they are wearing (when tuxedos are the ultimate form of sartorial elegance) fit badly. Most of them wear their trousers way too long. A tuxedo trouser should be short enough to betray a hint of sexy hosiery and certainly shorter than a normal suit trouser. Now they think the sneakers combination is elegant, cool or what? Maybe the people they’re getting their tuxedos from have a limited understanding of proper formal dress codes too? Most are younger and have not had the proper training for elegant formal dressing, so that could explain such a travesty.

We here at OMERO’S welcome the opportunity of showing you proper “Black-Tie” formal dressing. We’re in western New York, not Hollywood, and proper decorum is a must.

When black tie is required, be smart. Find someone who will advise you in the proper formal look and don’t fall prey to trends that will make you look anything but right. At formal gatherings, real men wear only tuxedos, properly — their personal-image must never be compromised! Another reason we always say…



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