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by | Oct 21, 2014

Ermenegildo Zegna

Today, many designers worldwide are showing “skinny” fitting clothing –Clothing manufactured to fit closer to the body than in the past. Here in this post, we’d like to discuss their attributes and drawbacks.

For the many, whose silhouettes are trim, the “skinny” fit can be and is a very flattering look. Trouser legs are trimmer and they have shorter rises. Jackets fit closer to the body with a higher armhole (which actually allows for more freedom of movement) and shirts also fit closer to the body.

This is a very sexy look for men as it defines the physical attributes by accentuating broad, powerful shoulders and their trim waistline, giving a very sophisticated, contemporary image that captures the eye of the opposite sex!

skinny-fitMany of us with more substance to their body can still pull off a “skinny” look, just not as aggressively. Jackets can still be a little shorter and the trouser legs can also be narrower, but going to far in these areas can define a lack of understanding of one’s own image. Too short on the jacket length and too trim the jacket and trouser can emphasize more of a horizontal look when it’s the vertical look we want to achieve.

Shirts can fit neatly to the body, but not so neat as to cause the buttons to pull. This will create a look accentuating girth to the stomach and that surely is not what you would like to create.

As with all tasteful sartorial elegance, whether in tailored clothing or sportswear, one must balance contemporary fashion with common sense to create the right image for ourselves.

A little shorter and trimmer for a robust physique is great, but too much will produce unwanted and undesirable results. You’ll never be wrong subscribing to modern fashion, but stay within your physical attributes and you’ll look and feel great.

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